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Custom Exhibition Stands

The Exhibit Company

Custom Exhibition Stands

Welcome to The Exhibit Company, where we take a fresh approach to exhibiting. We won’t just ask you “what’s your budget” and then suggest ways of spending it. We want to create astonishing experiences with our custom exhibition stands and generate amazing results.

We want to be part of your team and develop a deeper understanding of your custom exhibition stands needs and desires so we can cultivate a creative strategy that will look beautiful but also meet your objectives. Starting with a discovery session where we get a real understanding of your business, we then bring our experienced team together to analyse how we can turn your short and medium term goals into results. We do this by planning your strategy first, then producing a design second with your KPI’s in mind. We deliver strong and effective custom exhibition stands in Australia that captures the attention and engages with your target audience.

We have years of experience providing custom exhibition stands for clients and are constantly keeping up to date with trends, both local and international. Exhibitions can be challenging, disruptive and expensive, so it is important that they work. They must generate quantifiable results that are measurable so ROI can be calculated.

By turning concepts into reality The Exhibit Company’s custom exhibition stands leave a lasting impression with all stakeholders, whether it be industry partners or suppliers. By changing the way people think and helping transform the exhibition industry, we aim to inspire people to rethink their exhibit programs with our custom exhibition stands. If you would like to find out more information about our custom exhibition stands service, get in touch with us today to discuss how our approach can help you.



Our concepts are brought to life in renders + working drawings

Transport + Storage

Ask anyone – We are crazy about our crates!

staff training + stand management

Get your team thinking as one. We can help with mindset + strategies.


We always give you a fully itemised quote to help with your decision making


Australia-wide as well as internationally

Digital Solutions

Touch screens, Digital Signage or E-Detailing.


Learn to audit your show performance + benchmark for the future


We use a variety of different materials + build methods

pre-show marketing

Generate excitement + hype around your exhibiting

Lead tracking + Managment

Develop systems for capturing + tracking prospects

We believe amazing experiences should also get results

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