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Exhibit Design Consultants

The Exhibit Company

Exhibit Design Consultants

Welcome to The Exhibit Company, we are professional exhibit design consultants when it comes to exhibiting and we understand that standing out from the crowd can be challenging. Portraying your product, enriching your company and encompassing your unique point of sale can be a difficult task without the appropriate support and guidance. We won’t just ask you “what’s your budget” and then suggest ways of spending it. At The Exhibit Company, our exhibit design consultants want to create astonishing exhibiting results with rewarding experiences.


Exhibit design consultants are required to challenge the market, strategize and enhance product portfolios. With our exhibit design consultants, we start off with a discovery session to find out more information about your business and unique offerings. We then analyse how we can transform your short and medium term objectives into the results you desire by cultivating an action plan. We bring your concepts and design to reality and produce a strong and effective exhibit display that will capture the attention and engage with your target audience. Our exhibit design consultants work effortlessly in order to perfect the outcome for your exhibit by leaving a lasting impression on your stakeholders. By utilising adept and technologically advanced procedures we inject creativity into our exhibits.


We take pride in providing an impeccable service, with a team of professional exhibit design consultants that will assist you along your journey. With the right group of skilled individuals, we have a keen eye on newly adaptive designing techniques and marketing potential. If you are seeking exhibit design consultants that will collaborate and discuss your brand in depth, contact The Exhibit Company today. We look forward to hearing from you and how our team can help you achieve your objectives.



Our concepts are brought to life in renders + working drawings

Transport + Storage

Ask anyone – We are crazy about our crates!

staff training + stand management

Get your team thinking as one. We can help with mindset + strategies.


We always give you a fully itemised quote to help with your decision making


Australia-wide as well as internationally

Digital Solutions

Touch screens, Digital Signage or E-Detailing.


Learn to audit your show performance + benchmark for the future


We use a variety of different materials + build methods

pre-show marketing

Generate excitement + hype around your exhibiting

Lead tracking + Managment

Develop systems for capturing + tracking prospects

We believe amazing experiences should also get results

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