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Trade Show Booths

The Exhibit Company

Trade Show Booths

Welcome to The Exhibit Company, we are exhibiting specialists committed to creating rewarding experiences and astounding results with our trade show booths. We have broken away from the traditional way of thinking and take a fresh and holistic approach to exhibiting. We won’t just ask you “what’s your budget” and then suggest ways of spending it. We aim to inspire people to rethink their programs and turn them into serious lead generation tools all while transforming the exhibition industry. As exhibit professionals, we produce strong and effective trade show booths with your KPI’s in mind.

Equipped with a state of the art graphics design team and a strategy for preparation, develop a thorough understanding of your business and unique offerings. We understand that exhibitions can be challenging, disruptive and costly. At The Exhibit Company, we create trade show booths that generate quantifiable results and capture the attention of your stakeholders, whether it be suppliers or industry partners. We analyse how we can turn your short and medium term goals into quantifiable results so you can calculate your all-important ROI. We can assist in a variety of services that include design concepts, transport and storage, staff training and management of trade show booths and more.
We focus primarily on preparation. Without adequate preparation and a degree of reassurance, the majority of trade show booths fail. With years of experience providing trade show booths for clients, we also keep up to date with trends, both local and international, to produce the best results possible. Each project has its own specialities and at The Exhibit Company, we tailor our strengths with your strengths to achieve astounding results. Contact us today to discuss how our trade show booths approach can help you.



Our concepts are brought to life in renders + working drawings

Transport + Storage

Ask anyone – We are crazy about our crates!

staff training + stand management

Get your team thinking as one. We can help with mindset + strategies.


We always give you a fully itemised quote to help with your decision making


Australia-wide as well as internationally

Digital Solutions

Touch screens, Digital Signage or E-Detailing.


Learn to audit your show performance + benchmark for the future


We use a variety of different materials + build methods

pre-show marketing

Generate excitement + hype around your exhibiting

Lead tracking + Managment

Develop systems for capturing + tracking prospects

We believe amazing experiences should also get results

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