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Trade Show Stands

The Exhibit Company

Trade Show Stands

Welcome to The Exhibit Company, we are professional and passionate exhibit specialists that take a fresh approach to exhibiting. We aim to transform the exhibition industry and provide you with a unique perspective with our trade show stands. We won’t just ask you “what’s your budget” and then suggest ways of spending it. We inspire people to rethink their programs and turn them into lead generation tools. We want to create rewarding and astonishing experiences with our custom trade show stands and generate remarkable results.


We collaborate with our clients in a discovery session to learn about their business and unique offerings. By cultivating a strategic plan based on your needs, we produce trade show stands concepts to promote your business while engaging with your stakeholders. We offer a range of exhibiting services to elevate your exhibiting experience and place you ahead of the competition. Our team regularly seek inspiration from local and international markets all while evolving our techniques for the best possible trade show stands outcome. With a highly experienced, skilled and passionate trade show stands team, we can advise you on the best course of action with your KPI’s in mind to generate quantifiable results to calculate your ROI.
At The Exhibit Company, we take the unique and specific needs of each client to deliver vision, ideas, experience and results of the highest quality. We provide you with ongoing support, advice and education. Exhibitions can be challenging, costly and disruptive, which is why it is important for trade show stands to generate the results you desire. Contact us today at The Exhibit Company to discuss how our trade show stands approach can help you stand out from the crowd and enhance your exhibiting experience.



Our concepts are brought to life in renders + working drawings

Transport + Storage

Ask anyone – We are crazy about our crates!

staff training + stand management

Get your team thinking as one. We can help with mindset + strategies.


We always give you a fully itemised quote to help with your decision making


Australia-wide as well as internationally

Digital Solutions

Touch screens, Digital Signage or E-Detailing.


Learn to audit your show performance + benchmark for the future


We use a variety of different materials + build methods

pre-show marketing

Generate excitement + hype around your exhibiting

Lead tracking + Managment

Develop systems for capturing + tracking prospects

We believe amazing experiences should also get results

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